Kikuyu Gospel Artist Phyllis Mbuthia Wails After A Toughest Hit In The Media

Nothing demoralizes a person like someone demolishing your life efforts within a blink of an eye. Kikuyu gospel artist, Phyllis Mbuthia, has been forced to restart her YouTube journey after her YouTube channel was hacked and deleted by unknown person. Mbuthia is one of the best gospel artists in Kenya as she has being thriving in the music industry. Apart from being a renown gospel artist, she is also a social media influencer who commands a huge following on her social media handles like YouTube and Facebook.

In a recent viral video shared by Tik Toker Solo Gachanja, Mbuthia could be seen wailing bitterly as she lamented on her YouTube channel loss. The channel had garnered over 300K subscribers as well as millions of views.

“Why did you have to do that?… God don’t allow my enemies to thrive in my failure!” Mbuthia ranted.

After the deletion, the “Githe Tiwe Ngai” hitmaker was forced to start from scratch and create a new YouTube channel. The artist named the channel Phyllis Mbuthia Fresh-Start.

The artist has collaborated with various renown artist in the gospel music industry in producing great hits that later turned into national anthems. In one of the hit collaborations, Mbuthia featured Sammy Irungu in a track dubbed as “Muheani” in which the duo earned millions of cash.


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