Government to Invest Sh20 Billion in Security Equipment and Technology

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has made an announcement stating that the government plans to invest Sh20 billion in the acquisition of modern equipment and technology for security officers. The objective behind this investment is to enhance the capacity of security personnel in combating emerging and complex crimes.

Kindiki expressed his views during a visit to the Turkwel GSU Camp in West Pokot County, where he interacted with officers involved in the Maliza Uhalifu Operation. He commended the National Police Service and Kenya Defence Forces for their diligence, professionalism, and dedication, which have led to the successful expulsion of bandits and armed criminals from their long-standing hideouts in gorges, valleys, ravines, and escarpments. These areas had been notorious for acts of livestock theft, murder, and destruction of public and private property.

The Cabinet Secretary emphasized that the welfare of security officers is also a top priority for the government. Acknowledging the concerns raised by the residents of Isebania, Migori, regarding the prevailing insecurity in the area, Kindiki recently visited the town to address these issues. The residents had staged protests due to the escalating cases of insecurity, particularly following a series of fatal incidents in which four individuals were killed on May 25 and two more lost their lives the following day.

The government’s commitment to investing in modern equipment and technology demonstrates its resolve to empower security officers with the necessary tools to effectively combat crime. By addressing these emerging and intricate challenges, the government aims to enhance public safety and restore confidence among the citizens. Additionally, by prioritizing the welfare of security personnel, the government aims to motivate and support them in their critical role of maintaining law and order.


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