Gruesome Triple Murder in Rongai: Family Seeks Justice

A family in Rongai, Kajiado County, is in mourning and seeking justice after a horrifying incident where their relative and his two children were brutally murdered. Amos Kirwa, along with his eight-year-old daughter Elizabeth Chepkurui and five-year-old son Kiprotich Lagat, were killed by unknown assailants on a Saturday night. The family suspects that Kirwa may have been drugged, as there were no signs of struggle or noise heard by nearby relatives. Kirwa’s lifeless body was discovered on his father’s plot of land, and the children’s bodies were found in their father’s bed with their throats slit. The police have recovered a knife believed to have been used in the crime.

Kirwa’s friend, Kennedy Mulinge, assisted in transporting the body to the police vehicle. Mulinge described the gruesome state of the body, with deep cuts, a broken leg, and a slit throat. The family is devastated by the loss, as Kirwa was described as a cheerful and accommodating person who had no known conflicts with anyone. They are urging the Director of Criminal Investigations to expedite the investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Background information reveals that Kirwa had recently returned from Qatar, where he had gone in search of better opportunities. However, upon his return, he separated from his wife, Deborah Cherop, due to marital issues and unemployment. Cherop had informed Kirwa’s family that she would be leaving him as she could not bear being with an unemployed man. The couple’s children had been residing with Cherop in a nearby estate but would often visit their father on weekends.

In connection with the murders, Cherop has been arrested and charged with the murder of Kirwa and their two children. The post-mortem reports confirm that all three victims died from throat injuries resulting in bleeding. Cherop’s case is ongoing, and she is scheduled to appear in court on Friday, following a five-day extension granted to investigators for further inquiries.


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