Nairobi Woman Representative Passaris Declines Future Demonstrations Due to Health

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has provided an explanation as to why she will not participate in future demonstrations organized by Azimio. Passaris cited health complications as the primary reason for her decision.

During her statement on Tuesday, Passaris expressed her belief in the right to peaceful demonstrations but explained that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder since 2017, which has not improved and has even worsened over time. Due to these health reasons, she stated that she will refrain from participating in the demonstrations.

Passaris emphasized that both the opposition and the government should engage in dialogue to improve the lives of Kenyans. While acknowledging the presence of staunch supporters on both sides, she mentioned that some individuals oppose the concept of a handshake, while Azimio leader Raila Odinga strives for effective governance in the country.

Regarding the issue of the high cost of living, Passaris predicted that prices would initially rise before eventually stabilizing or decreasing.

This development follows Raila Odinga’s decision to suspend bipartisan talks and his subsequent threat to call for demonstrations if their demands are not addressed. Raila suspended the talks due to the failure of the Kenya Kwanza camp to meet their demands.

Raila has been leading a series of demonstrations nationwide to protest against various issues, including the high cost of living. However, he has not announced when the demonstrations will resume.

In summary, Passaris has cited her health complications as the reason for her absence from future Azimio demonstrations. She supports peaceful demonstrations and believes in the need for dialogue between the opposition and the government. Raila Odinga suspended talks and has threatened to resume demonstrations if their demands are not met, but the date for their resumption remains undisclosed.


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