Kenyan Embassy in Sudan Closed Amid Ongoing Violence

The Kenyan Government has made the decision to close its diplomatic mission in Sudan due to the ongoing violence and targeting of diplomatic officials in Khartoum. Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Korir Singo’ei announced the closure via Twitter, citing the safety concerns for Kenyan officials. The closure comes after weeks of fighting between rival factions in Sudan, primarily between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

Since the fighting began in April, at least 900 Kenyans have been evacuated from Sudan. However, the government has not provided information on the number of Kenyans still in the country or how they will be evacuated now that the embassy has shut down. The crisis in Sudan has resulted in a humanitarian catastrophe, with over 1,800 deaths and 1.6 million people displaced within or outside the country’s borders. Many individuals have sought refuge in neighboring countries such as Egypt, Chad, and South Sudan.

On May 11, the warring factions in Sudan agreed to a cease-fire to facilitate peace talks and humanitarian aid. However, the truce was called off on May 31 when the army accused the paramilitary of breaching the agreement. In response to the conflict, the United States imposed sanctions on individuals involved and warned that it would hold accountable those who undermine peace in Sudan.

The closure of the Kenyan embassy in Sudan highlights the deteriorating security situation and the challenges faced by diplomatic officials. It also raises concerns about the welfare of Kenyan citizens still residing in Sudan and the need for international efforts to address the crisis and bring about a sustainable resolution.


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