Kenyan Entertainer DJ Brownskin Detained in Controversial Suicide Case Involving Wife’s Death

Kenyan entertainer DJ Brownskin, also known as Michael Macharia Njiiri, has been detained by the police following a controversial video that captured him watching his wife, Sharon Njeri, die after ingesting poison at their home in Nairobi. On June 1, 2023, DJ Brownskin was arrested at a popular club in Kasarani, Nairobi, under investigation for allegedly aiding suicide, which is a violation of Section 225 (c) of the Penal Code. The police obtained a court order from the Makadara magistrate’s court allowing them to detain him for seven days to conclude their investigations. Currently, he is being held at the Kasarani Police Station.

According to police constable Wicks Lumumba’s affidavit, Njeri died by suicide with assistance from Njiiri, as seen in the video recorded by the DJ. The detective claims that Njiiri failed to prevent the commission of the offense, ultimately leading to Njeri’s death. The police had summoned Njiiri three times for questioning, but he evaded them until he was finally apprehended in June 2023. The detective requested time to locate and interview the deceased’s parents, as well as gather crucial evidence that is still missing.

The police initially sought a 14-day remand, but the magistrate granted them only seven days. Njiiri’s defense team, led by lawyer Elisha Ndemo, argued against the application, asserting that their client was not a flight risk since his residence and workplace were well-known to the police. They also denied the claim that Njiiri had been summoned by the police, stating that no evidence had been presented to support this assertion. Additionally, the defense questioned why the police had not recorded statements from the deceased’s parents despite the incident occurring in July of the previous year.

The case is scheduled to be heard on June 9, allowing both the prosecution and defense to present their arguments before the court.


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