DJ Fatxo Gets Emotional Over Tough Encounter With The Late Jeff Mwathi’s Mother On Live Interview

Kikuyu Mugithi artist, Lawrence Wagura known by stage name DJ Fatxo, has faced a rough time after a tough confrontation in a live interview with the late Jeff Mwathi’s mother.

In an exclusive interview with Massawe Jappani on Radio Jambo, the DJ for the first time narrated what unveiled on the day Mwathi allegedly committed suicide. During the interview, Massawe contacted Anne Mwathi so that she can give her side of the story considering that the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) cleared off Fatxo’s name from the case. The furious mother of one uttered harsh words to the DJ as she implied that he “purchased” his freedom from the “hungry” authorities.

The DJ turned artist couldn’t take it anymore as he melted into tears. The furious mother went ahead to state that the DJ still had a case to answer as he is responsible for the young interior decorator’s death.

Photo credits: screengrab of Radio Jambo’s Facebook

In his defence, the emotional DJ claimed that he is not above the law as he compared his situation with Pastor Ezekiel’s recent arrest. He further implied that he doesn’t have any connections with the who and who in the Kenyan society as Pastor Ezekiel does. Fatxo added that if he had money as people claimed, he wouldn’t be living in rentals but rather he could have built his own apartment. He also revealed that he is still in debt of Sh.1M over uncleared payments of his Mercedes Benz.

“For instance, pastor Ezekiel was recently arrested, yet he knows the who and who in this country. I do not know anybody,” the DJ implied.

The DJ claimed that he had no motive to murder Jeff Mwathi as he was innocent and ambitious. In his view, no one can ever plot to kill someone in their own house despite knowing the consequences of the act. He further revealed that he could have tried to dodge the murder case by throwing off Mwathi’s remains to the forest behind his apartment yet he didn’t do so.


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