Days After The Theft Mastermind’s Arrest, Detectives In Kisii Recover More Confiscated Sugar

On Monday, a group of National Police Service (NPS) officers and Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) agents from the Kisii County towns of Kenyenya and Magena seized more unusual sugar.

The residence of one suspect, Tonogo, was the target of the raid. Two 25kg bags of sugar were among the 14 bags that the officers found, each weighing 50kg. Labels from regional sugar producers such as Kagera, Diamond Sugar, Sony Sugar, Lugazi, and Mara Sugar were visible on the bags.

The NPS also confiscated three bales of prohibited polythene paper and several empty Mara Sugar-branded polythene packets that were allegedly used for packing.

Kemunto, a female suspect, was taken into custody. This occurs a few days after detectives detained Chrispus Waithaka at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) upon his arrival from Dubai. Waithaka is accused of being the brains behind the theft of condemned sugar valued at KSh163 million.


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