Church Procrastinates Wedding After Couple Admits To Fornication

Evangelical church in Tana River county has halted wedding of two lovebirds after a couple confessed to pre-marital sex.

The leadership of the church was left scratching heads, without any options except for suspending with one year, the long awaited event. This decision was reached, to give time for the church to find out a way forward to address the matter holistically.

Just closing at the dawn hours of the long awaited event, the husband-to-be confessed to their church pastor during the counseling session that they were engaging in pre-marital sex even as the wedding preparations kept going.

Controversial statements took the podium when the bride-to-be, who is a long-term member of the church, denied ever engaging intimately with the expected bride who is a new member of the same church.

Pastor Eli Mwakisha of the said church, was taken to his surprise when he recalled the bride for the second time and still received similar confession.

Disappointed and confused to figure the truth, the man of God threatened to curse the couple and publicly annul the marriage if they did not come clean.

At this point, the bride-to-be got down on her knees and asked for forgiveness, confessing that they had indeed been intimate a few times during their year-long courtship,” said Mark Siu, a member of the wedding committee.

Consequently, the pastor kicked the couple out of his office and called the intercession team to seek God’s word on the matter.

If you were the church pastor, what could you do?


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