Kindiki Reaffirms Government Stand To Deal With Misleading Religious Leaders

Interior CS Prof Kithure Kindiki has maintained government’s stand not to spare any religious leader that will be found guilty of using religion to bait trap innocent followers.

Speaking during a thanksgiving service on Sunday, May 21, at Victory Revival church in Tharaka Nithi county, Kindiki emphasized that the rogue preachers shall be dealt with like bandits in the crackdown to provide justice to the people of Kenya.

The government will fiercely fight with anyone who is hiding behind religion to hurt Kenyans.” He said.

All those hiding in churches to steal and hurt people using the bible will chase them the same way we did with bandits until we make sure that Kenyans get justice.” He added.

The entire tale goes on at a moment when exhumation of bodies in the Shakahola Forest, has been suspended to provide room for autopsies of 123 bodies exhumed in phase 2.

At the moment, the government continues to work closely with security agencies as allegations of inhumane radical teachings by self-proclaimed pastor Paul Mackenzie to his followers, slowly digs deeper into more Investigations.


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