Female Student Shot While Trying To Open Policeman’s Door Mistaking It For Her Lover’s

Natasha Nagayi, a 21-year old female student enrolled at the Uganda Christian University (UCU) mistaken for being a thief and shot by a policeman whose door she attempted to open thinking it’s her boyfriend’s.

According to the victim’s boyfriend identified as Ashraf Bandishe, they went out for a night when the victim asked for his house keys to return back for a rest, having been excessively fatigued.

The boyfriend, explained that the victim could not get back to school hostels where she stays considering that it was very late and the distance to school was far.

It was until then, that he decided to allow the lady to seek her rest as he remained behind. His apartment has always been opposite officer’s apartment.

Confirming the incident, Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesgyire said the 21-year old student was shot in the wee hours of Saturday morning when the officer saw someone attempting to open his front door.

He added that the 57-year-old officer called Dismas Tebangole first peeped through a window when she saw Nagayi inserting a key inside his door’s keyhole, prompting the officer to pull the trigger.

He said, “In a state of suspicion, the officer discharged three live bullets through the window glass, hitting Nagayi Natasha on the right chest, near the lower armpit.”

The entire neighborhood ran to the scene for the rescue of the student, who was writhing down in extreme pain crying out for help, screaming her innocence for not being a thief.

The police officer, also ran to the scene as part of the rescue team. At the moment, the victim is receiving treatment for her injuries she sustained from the gunshot.


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