Size 8 Finally Puts On A Swimming Costume

Pastor and singer Size 8 has finally given in to pressure from the public to wear a swimming gear to the swimming pool.

In a video shared by the couple on Instagram, Size 8 was in a bikini covered by a white sheer dress. The two were walking towards a swimming pool, in a stairy path within their hotel premises.

“Ndio tumeenda kufanya ile kitu ya jana sasa.” Read the Post’s caption.

Size 8 and Dj Mo in swimming gears

The pastor yesterday on Tuesday 16 May, stirred mixed reactions on social media after refusing to wear swimming fits as she headed towards a swimming pool alongside her husband Dj Moh.

In a post shared by Dj Mo, Size 8 plunged herself in the pool in a full dress claiming that she is a pastor and therefore it wouldn’t be appropriate for her to wear anything that reveals parts of her body. A bikini would definitely show parts of her body.

“I’m ready to swim babe, nita swin hivi, you know I am a pastor siwezi enda kuchange ma swimming costume so venye niko hivi babe niko decent enough to swim,” she said right before getting into the pool.

“You know we are not supposed to show our bodies so that’s why we are supposed to be dressed like this when going to swim,” she added.

The two are currently enjoying themselves in a vacation.


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