“Kwani Umetumwa Na Ruto?”, Eric Omondi On A Stranger Disrupting His Philanthropic Act

The comedian turned philanthropist, Eric Omondi, has yet again caught Kenyans attention after he brought into halt businesses along Lang’ata Road as he donated food stuffs to the hungry residents.

This comes a month after the self-proclaimed president of comedy in Africa was arrested for allegedly bringing unrest at City Stadium where he was distributing free maize flour. He was later released on cash bail but that wasn’t the end of his philanthropic and activist acts.

On Tuesday, the comedian led to a huge traffic jam along Lang’ata Road as residents scrambled in a long queue to get a portion of the free flour he was distributing. In a video shared on his Instagram account, Omondi is seen donning on a navy blue apron while his face is covered with unga. However, in the process of distributing the flour, an unidentified man approached him and caused a few minutes unrest at the spot.

“Kwani umetumwa? Umetumwa na Ruto?” the furious comedian asked the man who later got off the Omondi’s business as he continued to distribute the maize flour.

In the caption, the funny man ranted on the high cost of living that has left most Kenyans suffering. He called upon common Mwananchi to take a step and stand on the ground for their rights as no one cares about their current state.

“Wamezoea sanaa kutushika kila saa ndio tulipe cash bail wakule…Leo wameona mchezo wa paka na panya. Wamefika wakushtuka tumemaliza na tukaenda. Something must be done and must be done urgently. Sugar was Ksh. 160 last week, and this week it’s Ksh.240. Fuel is up, and tax is up! Unless we take a stand, we will not make it! We are going to give a clear way forward to the common mwananchi. Standby,” the caption read.

The comedian has being in the forefront in the battle for the current high cost of living which is affecting almost every Kenyan. He made it a step further into bailing out petty offenders from various Kenyan prisons. In his view, the real criminals are roaming around freely while the innocent ones are held captive in prisons and this is the main motive behind his efforts to bail them out.


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