Ruto Fires KEMSA’s Net Scandal Public Health PS Josephine Mburu

Josephine Mburu, the principal secretary for public health, was let go by President William Ruto because to charges of corruption using the donor-funded National Malaria Programme.

The decision was made, according to Felix Koskei, the head of the public service, in response to complaints of alleged wrongdoing at the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) in the management and administration of various medical programs run by Kenya in collaboration with its development partners.

“THE COMPLAINTS FOLLOW the regular verification of expenditure by the Global Fund with regard to the National Malaria Programme that targets millions of low income Kenyan households within our nation’s malaria endemic regions,” Koskei, who also serves as Ruto’s chief of staff, stated.

He went on to clarify that the purported mismanagement on the side of KEMSA relates to the purchase of treated mosquito nets for those at risk families, which he claims might have resulted in a large increase in exposure to the disease and its severity in the endemic areas.

In Koskei’s opinion, the action demonstrates President William Ruto’s dedication to “entrenching good governance within our national life by promoting accountability and openness in the management of public affairs.”

The Head of Public Service emphasized that President Ruto’s administration is dedicated to bringing about a new era in the country’s healthcare administration by making sure that no Kenyan would be denied the dignity of access to affordable medical care because of corruption. He insisted that the administration would take all necessary steps to ensure accountability in the nation’s healthcare system.

In order to ensure efficiency and accountability in the provision of medical supplies to all health facilities across our nation, he said, “the Administration will spare no effort in rebuilding the KEMSA supply chain management system in keeping with the Administration’s Health policy of “leaving no one behind.”


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