Akothee Announces Break From Social Media To Focus On Getting Sixth Child

  • Akothee said that her husband Omosh had asked her to quit any other thing and fully focus on getting a child with him.
  • According to the mother of five, she has upto the month of July to fulfill Omosh’s pregnancy demand
  • “If I don’t get pregnant between now and July, every other thing will wait,”Akothee said. 

Madam boss Akothee has revealed plans to quit social media owing to the fact that she now has to focus on marriage and its demands.

Akothee is taking a break from literally everything including work, and putting her husband Dennis Schweizer aka Mister Omosh at the center of her life.

Taking to her Instagram on Monday 15 May, 2023, to break the news, she recounted on how she was disappointed to receive her periods. From her statement, the musician and entrepreneur thought she could have gotten pregnant but according to her doctor, it was almost impossible to get pregnant right after the wedding, because weddings, especially one like hers(Akothee) could potentially squander one’s energy.

“So I want to put everything on Hold and concentrate on my love life. If I don’t get pregnant between now and July, every other thing will wait, my Dr @swaleh__md told me to hold on until after the wedding, she told me clearly that weddings drain energy, therefore, I might not get pregnant that soon or I might lose the pregnancy again when I received my periods I was mad at myself. Daktari you were right. Now you guys give me time. I will take a break from everyone and everything including social media. Allow me to look for my second last Born baby, before we talk about other things I want to be a mother this year.” She wrote.

“Omondi the 7th wants his own child. My husband has ordered I quit social media, stop working and leave Kenya Before Friday,”¬†Akothee added on her Instagram page. She is to go to her husband for a ‘proper baby making.’ Akothee is looking forward to have two kids with Omosh.

Akothee did her extravagant wedding last month with her mzungu husband Dennis Omosh but never went on a honeymoon because Akothee was doing her exams and her husband left Kenya for work barely two weeks after the wedding and he is not yet back.


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