Millions Donated To Bail Out Mustapha and His Ailing Mother

Director Trevor has defended his lover Mungai Eve after one internet user criticized her for not helping Colonel Mustapha during his predicament. Trevor boasted that his fiancée and her team had donated more than a million shillings, but there was no need to make the news about it. He also emphasized the fact that Kenyans shouldn’t jump to conclusions because the information they did know came from only one group.

The discussion took place in the comments area of an Instagram blog post that detailed the financial assistance that CAS Jaguar and other businessmen had provided to Mustapha in order to pay for the hospital bills for his ailing mother.

Yesterday, CAS Jaguar, a.k.a. Charles Njagua, stated that he and his close friends had gathered about Sh1 million for the struggling rapper through fundraising. Speaking as he handed out the cash, Jaguar explained that after learning about Mustapha’s situation, close to 15 friends got together and made the decision to form a group where they would come up with something little for Mustapha. The group included 28 influential people from the business, including musicians, politicians, and other artists.

In addition to the funds from the CAS and his friends, Kenyans of Goodwill have also given more than Sh600k after Twitter powerhouse Fauz Khalid pleaded with KOT to support the former artist so that he can afford to pay for his mother’s chemotherapy.

This came about as a result of a viral video depicting him at work on a construction site.

Mustapha later claimed that he had to find a way to make a living because circumstances had become difficult. He insisted that he had no shame in working at a mjengo to make ends meet and initially did not want to ask for assistance.


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