Big Deal Kenyan Musician Reveals How He Recovered His Lost Voice

Mejja, a Kenyan artist, lost his voice a few months ago. He has been working with medical experts ever since in efforts to regain his voice and according to him, so far so good, as he divulges fresh details of his journey to recovery.

This information was upsetting for a man who relies on his voice to support himself. His symptoms began while he was abroad for an Australian music tour. Though he didn’t cancel the concert, as some Kenyan websites claimed, he felt he didn’t give his audience the best because of his voice issues. Mtoto Wa Khadija claims that if he had gone to the hospital as soon as he arrived in Kenya, the situation would have been saved.

“When I was in Australia I performed but I was struggling. That is why I apologized to my fans. Kenyans thought I had cancelled the show. When I came back, I went to my chemist guy and he gave me some tabs for me to take. I believed in him as he has ‘treated’ me before. I took the drugs for like two weeks but there was no change. That is when I decided to go and see the doctor. When I got there, the doctor told me he wished I had gone to the hospital earlier,” said Mejja in an interview with Massawe Jappani.

“I went to the hospital thinking it is something easy. The treatment is slow and that got to me. You are taught to breathe, voice coaching, what you are supposed to eat, how to steam etc. My glands had no moisture, so I had to take tabs to do so. I became depressed.” he added

Mejja sounded optimistic in a photo caption that he uploaded on his social media handles when he said, “Back To Basics!!!! NiMewahata Manze TuPaTaNe Marima, I Have Learned A lot Through This Process About Patience Na Pia Who Your Real Friends Are TuBaki Hivo Hivo MPAKA sahii Uzito Wagenge JAHBLESS.” He added, “Nimepewa green light na my doctor finally back to work but with caution,” he announced in a separate note.

We wish Mejja all the best as he progresses towards full recovery, hopefully more hits and club bangers will follow swiftly.


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