NTV Loses Its Twitter Account

Nation Media Group’s mainstream media station, NTV Kenya has lost its verified twitter account to hackers.

The account dubbed ntvKenya had a staggering 4.3 million followers.

As at now, when searched, NTV’s verified official Twitter responds with, “This account doesn’t exist”. This means the account could have been deactivated or suspended, atleast according to twitter’s support centre.

“If there is no account at that URL, the username is most likely attached to a deactivated or suspended account.” Reads some part of twitter help center’ statement.

The unexpected loss to NTV which is among the mainstream giants in the country has left the media industry and fans in shock, raising concerns about the security and ownership of social media handles.

Initially, the station had regarded the issue as a minor technical glitch but it is now crystal clear that the account could have been compromised.

NTV has already announced that it has started liasing with Twitter’s suport team to recover the account. Losing the account will significantly affect NTV’s online presence and it’s social media audience.

This could be a wake up call to organisations and individuals on the need for constant vigilance and proactive security protocols to prevent unauthorized access and protect valuable digital assets.

NtvKenya twitter account loss comes less than 24 hours after Kabarak recovered it’s hacked facebook account.


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