Mackenzie, his wife Mumbua Request State for Food

Lawyers to a suspected Shakahola cult leader Paul Nthenge Mackenzie; led by George Kariuki have lamented to court that their client is now being denied quality meals over allegations of having starved their victims to death.

While being locked in different police posts, together with his wife Rhoda Mumbua and 18 of his aides, Paul Mackenzie also lamented over the situation of their beddings saying they’re being tortured and subjected to have their nights spent on wet bare floors.

Revealing their concerns over a likeliness that their client might have contracted pneumonia, lawyers George Kariuki, Wycliffe Makasembo and Elisha Komora asked Shanzu senior principal magistrate Yusuf Shikanda to protect their clients, if not, Paul Mackenzie will lose life before the matter commences.

My clients have been sleeping on bare cement floors, their lungs are already wet and they have told us that they have pains in the ribs. Chances are they have already contracted pneumonia and they will die before the commencement of the matter,” said lawyer George Kariuki.

The three lawyers, questioning whereabouts of the ksh.150k that was taken from Paul Mackenzie’s wife during her arrest, asked the court to order for the return of the amount so they can bring quality food for their client.

Let the court order for the production of the said money and its whereabouts and once the money is produced issue orders for us to be allowed to use the money to buy quality food and mattresses for our clients in the cells we can easily afford,” he statement added.

However, their spirited fight for the consideration of their client hit so hard on impervious rock as the Shanzu Court eventually ordered for the suspects to be detained for 30 more days


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