Pastor Ezekiel Surprised After a Congregant Confessed Lusting for His Wife Sarah

Famous Kilifi-based pastor and evangelist Ezekiel Odera was taken into a great surprise after one of his congregant in his church at Majaoni admitted about dreaming having affairs with his wife Sarah.

He told the pastor:

You will have to forgive me. I was watching your channel when I slept, and I dreamt that I had taken your wife.”

During a session when the clergyman was engaging congregation into sharing their issues, the young man without shying, confessed of always having uncontrollable lust for women.

The man, further said that he is used to exchanging women over the night; not for marriage but for body satisfaction.

This, he admitted to have been speeded up by the nature of his job as he comes from work late in the night.

He also said that he has no contrasting ability, to know whether his preference is on young girls or old women.

“I know it is a young woman when I leave the club. However, I discover that I took home a much older woman in the morning. They usually wear makeup at night, and I wonder if I slept with a goat in the morning.” he added.

After giving a keen ear on the man’s sentiments, the preacher and the entire congregation were left mesmerized.

The clergyman however, took control of himself with the help of the Holy Spirit to finally respond to the man in this mature manner.

Our children need God, and when you hear them speaking from their hearts, they are hurting. They need direction. Parents, raise your children with love,” the pastor responded.


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