Ruto Supports Azali Of The Comoros, Withdraws From The Election For AU Chair

The Union of Comoros’ President Azali Assoumani has been chosen to lead the African Union as its new chairperson in 2023.

The 36th ordinary session of the AU assembly, which finishes today in Ethiopia, saw the election of Assoumani on Saturday. He now assumes the reins from Macky Sall, the President of the Republic of Senegal, who served as the chairperson for 2022 but has already finished his mandate.Each year, the post rotates among the continent’s five geographical areas, and over time, it has come to represent East, North, Southern, Central, and West Africa, in that order.

A candidate is chosen by the member states in a vote that requires at least two-thirds of them to vote in favor. In 2023, Kenya and Comoros competed for the slot.

However, William Ruto resigned in favor of Assoumani. Countries that have upcoming elections are not permitted to run because the Union’s chairperson is required to serve out the entire term without interruption. Assoumani thanked the leaders of East African countries in his acceptance address for their support.

In particular, Assoumani thanked his loving brother, President William Ruto, who had the grace to withdraw Kenya’s nomination. “I wish to my colleagues, brothers and sisters from the countries of East Africa for having supported my candidature for this honorable role,” Assoumani stated.

He referred to his election as a great honor for his nation, stating that it had demonstrated to the world that all nations have the same rights and freedoms.

Sall, the outgoing chairperson, thanked Moussa Faki, the AU chairperson, as well as all the Commission members, for their leadership and support.

Sall said, “It has been a privilege and a source of great pride for me to serve our continent because I believe in an unified Africa, an Africa standing up, an Africa at work, an Africa in peace, and an Africa confident in its future.

The second vice chair of the Union was given to Botswana (Southern Region), the third vice chair to Burundi (Central Region), and the rapporteur role was given to Senegal under the new composition structure (West African region).

The selection process for the first vice chair (Northern area) was still in progress.


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