Moya David Seeks to Sue People Copying His Dance Moves

Moya David, one of the most enjoyable Kenyan dancer has threatened to sue those individuals that he claims to be copying and stealing his dance moves.

The dancer insisted that majority of the people have been emulating his dancing movements in unpleasant way which now calls for a legal action.

During his interview with SPM Buzz, Moya David made it in black and white that every dancing move he shows is his own creativity.

For him, his creativity deserves attribution because he comes up with it from scratch.

“I have decided to patent my dance because it is something I came up with originally and it’s my creativity. It pains to see people using it in the wrong way and also people copying the dance without giving it the credit it deserves.”

For this TikToker, his star shone so bright in 2022 after his amazing dancing video clips went viral to flood social media.

His performances have earned him recognitions locally and internationally and it’s basically through dancing.


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