David Moya Threatens To Take Legal Actions Against People Copying His Dance Moves

Kenyan content creator and dancer David Moya will now be taking legal actions against people using his dance style without acknowledging him.

In an interview with SPM Buzz, Moya revealed that he is now giving the first and last warning to people using his moves in a bad way,saying that it took his own creativity and efforts to give life to the now famous dance moves.

The dancer emphasized on how it did not sit well with him for people to just use his dance without crediting it, especially after he came up with the choreography and created every move from scratch.

” I have decided to patent my dance because it is something I came up with originally and it’s my creativity. It pains to see people using it in the wrong way and also people copying the dance without giving it the credit it deserves.”He said.

Moya is popular for surprising and entertaining people on the streets using his moves while dancing to the ‘mi amor’ hit after which he then gets down on his knee and present the individual with flowers or their gifts.


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