Kenyans Requested To Provide Proof Of Alleged Malpractice In The KCSE

The public has been encouraged to express their opinions regarding claims of malpractice in the 2022 KCSE by the Department Committee on Education of the National Assembly.

The committee requested that Kenyans send their memoranda to the National Assembly Clerk by February 14 at the latest. Since then, the committee has initiated an investigation into the claims. The committee stated, “The Committee has resolved to conduct a public inquiry into the allegations in order to ascertain the objectivity of these claims and provide recommendations to the House.

The committee announced that it will compare the KCSE results from 2019 to 2022 to see whether there was a pattern that could be used to draw conclusions about whether cheating as claimed actually occurred.

It continued by saying that it will also try to determine who was involved, how much, and who was most responsible for any other irregularities in the examination. The KCSE 2022 exam should be commented in light of the widespread cheating, according to leaders. Ezekiel Machogu, the secretary of the cabinet for education, has stated there was no wrongdoing.

On January 27, the CS stated to the reporters present at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, “From where I sit there was no cheating.”

The charges of widespread cheating, particularly in the Nyanza region, were denounced by Machogu as misinformation. He claimed that the phrase “this is propaganda” had been created by individuals with bad motives for our nation.

Kenyans have expressed skepticism on the performance of several schools in the KCSE of 2022. 1146 grades A were registered in 2022, up from the 1,138 As registered in 2021, according to the results released by Education CS.nIn addition, some former KCSE heavy hitters made a comeback to surpass illustrious institutions in the nation on the 2022 exam.


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