Willis Raburu Announces Wedding Ivy Namu: “I Can’t Wait”

Citizen TV journalist Willis Raburu has hinted to fans that he will soon be wedding his loveable fiance Ivy Namu.

While speaking during an exclusive interview with one of the biggest digital media platforms in the country, the 10 over 10 show host said that the awaited ceremonious event must hit headlines this year 2023.

However, he left fans in endless strings of questions having concealed the exact day and date of their expected wedding.

Further, the renowned media personality exploded his expectations, even revealing how much he dies for the last tickle of the clock for that to happen.

Bursting into a loud laughter, Mr Raburu said, “I can say it is definitely going to be between the months of January and December of this year, I can’t wait.”

The duo began pursuit of couple goals in 2020 following the divorce that Raburu offered to his first wife, Marya Prude.

Having had a void like abyss left in his four chambers of the heart, Ivy Namu proved to had been the only existing female on the globe thag would completely make the space full.

This, she demonstrated by accepting Raburu’s Marriage proposal barely few months after Raburu and Marya officially declared their divorce.

“A thousand times yes, in this lifetime and the next ,” Ivy Namu captioned a picture of a ring on her Instagram story back then, a ring that probably showed that the mother of two accepted Raburu’s proposal.


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