Shaffie Weru Makes A Comeback On The Screens

Media personality Shaffie Weru has returned to Kenyans’ screens not as a radio presenter but as a host of his new show dubbed ‘Shafted’ that premiered today at 9 am on January 30, 2023.

In an interview with media, Shaffie revealed that the Shafted show will entail interviews with public figures who ‘shafted’ themselves through their actions, controversial behaviour or scandals that brought about their downfall from grace.

Shafted series will be exploring the reasons behind downfalls of public figures, finding out whether their fall was by their own hand or being set up and misunderstood.

“Shafted is an uncensored and raw exploration of all sides and leaving the public to decide with all facts at hand.” Shaffie said.

This was after he and two others were sacked from their radio jobs after going on air and victim-shaming a woman who was pushed off a building by a man after she refused his advances.

“I am thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking series and to create a space for those who have been shafted by their own actions and society.”

“This is a show that will hold people accountable and provide a platform for the truth to be revealed. I know first-hand how it feels to let yourself down and work hard to earn a second chance from society and my fans.” Shaffie said.


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