Kisii: Love Goes Sour As A Girl Goes Into Hiding After Biting Off Boyfriend’s Ear

A girl has been reported to have bit off her boyfriend’s ear in Kissi after which she fled to hide.

Police in Keroka, Kisii county are already looking for the girl.The incident reportedly went down after a night of parting by the two lovebirds.

According to report by police, the two who are students at Keroka Technical Training Institute were enjoying themselves on Friday before an argument broke out.

This saw the boy go home earlier leaving the girl behind and when the girl got home, the argument took a more unappealing direction after which the angry girl bit off a part of his ear.

Following the incident, the boy went to a local hospital for treatment and then filed a report at the police station.

The girl reportedly fled afterwards, with a search since mounted for her by the area authorities.Police have revealed that they’re yet to recover the missing piece of the boy’s ear.


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