Azimio Denied Entry Into The Masit Hearing By The Tribunal

The Azimio alliance has been denied the right to participate in the trial to remove IEBC commissioner Irene Masit by the tribunal this morning.

According to Justice Aggrey Muchelule, Azimio has not shown how their interests will be damaged whether the tribunal removes Masit or not. Azimio had alleged that several witnesses who had testified before the tribunal had made disparaging remarks about them.

Omari Azimio had submitted a request to be included in the case as an interested party through an attorney. The party sought to refute the accusations made against them in an affidavit signed by Oduor Ong’wen.

Donald Kipkorir, Irene Masit’s attorney, has also expressed concern about some tribunal members being close to President William Ruto’s friends and even representing him in court.

According to Kipkorir, the president was represented by the vice chair Caroline Kimende, and the joint secretary Kibet Emmanuel is a coworker of a current CS. Additionally, he asserts that the lead attorney, Peter Munge, works for the law office of a sitting UDA central MP.

Since they were chosen by the President, Kipkorir wonders if they will treat his client fairly. He claims that instead of asking them to step aside, he wants them to examine their motives and treat Masit fairly.


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