Revealed: Diana Marua Goes to Last Coin to Gift Bahati on Birthday

Kenya’s content creator Diana Marua can never stop showering her toy husband Kevin Bahati with undying love, it is her duty.

While celebrating Bahati’s birthday on 22 December 2022, YouTuber Diana Marua decided to place a shocking surprise to the father of her kids who turned 30 few weeks ago.

Diana gifted her husband, who is the CEO of EMB recording studio, with a very expensive MacBook laptop worth Kenya Shillings (Ksh) 285, 000.

In a birthday party that was hugely attended by their celebrity friends, Diana Marua presented dilemma boxes to her husband, then asked him to chose between the two boxes.

The trick was, that singer Bahati will receive whatever the content is in either of the boxes he will point out.

Based on Bahati’s luck, his final choice had that expensive MacBook laptop while the other had huge amount of cash. Diana however, cared less of spending on her lovely young husband and later on told Bahati that he could also take the money claiming it was his day.

For these two lovebirds who have long been pursuing couple goals together, Bahati’s birthday month would not be sweeter than honey if a vacation was not planned.

The two then had their arrangements in place and later flew to Malindi where they had their Christmas festive season celebrated colourfully, as entire Bahati family.


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