KNCHR Opens Six-day Inquest Into The Kisii Killings

An investigation into a string of murders that recently shook Kisii county has been launched by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights.

The team’s inquiry aims to solve the killings that have shocked the nation and guarantee the victims receive justice. The KNCHR tweeted, “The public inquiry, which will last for the next six days, will focus on special interest groups such as the elderly and children.”

Only one man was recently detained for the horrible killing of two kids in Nyamache.

In the horrifying deed that sent shivers through the hamlet, the two kids were discovered with knife wounds to their heads and necks. When the father swung the machete around their necks, the kids’ mother had gone to the farm.

The kids were aged were 10 months and 2.5 years, respectively. In a related incidence, a 61-year-old man turned himself in to Kisii county police after confessing to the seven-day-old murder of his stepson in the Igonga neighborhood of Bonchari.


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