Justina Syokau Reveals Buyer of Her Birthday V8 Gift, Asks for Experienced Driver and Guard

Kamba vocal Singer going by the name Justina Syokau has revealed who the buyer of her birthday land cruiser V8 car is, saying she has been an apple of her fans’ eyes.

The mother of one, while in an interview with one of the biggest media outlets in the country, let the cat out of the bucket saying the multi-million gift came from her loyal fans who are based abroad and are a couple.

“A couple based abroad gifted me the car. I didn’t expect it. They have been supporting my projects and are my biggest supporters,” she said.

However, the famous ‘twendi twendi thili’ hitmaker despite showing off and bragging about her knowledge on holding a steering wheel of a vehicle, said funnily that the property she now owns is worth ksh 20million and should be under the management of undoubtedly experienced driver.

“Although I can drive, for this car I need an experienced driver who will be careful and not crash it,” she openly said.

On the other hand, Justina Syokau didn’t forget to mention that she fears for her protection. Therefore, she publicly hinted that she will now want a police officer employed as a gateman for her defense.

She further added, “I need to hire a policeman to guard my gate because this car is expensive and can’t afford to lose it.”


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