CJ Martha Koome Instructs The Incoming CRA Staff To Make Kenyans Proud Of The Taxes They Pay

The new members of the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) have been urged by Chief Justice Martha Koome to address marginalization when presenting suggestions for dividing the national cake.

Koome added that CRA is a key enabler in the realization of the aim of creating a “fair and just State that is reflected in the Constitution” when speaking at the commissioners’ swearing-in on Monday.

The primary responsibility of CRA is to recommend how the federal and local governments should split the national tax money.

Koome further said equitable sharing of national resources is at the centre of the promise of devolution.

“I urge the Commission to always bear in mind our nation’s history of marginalisation that has often contributed to dissatisfaction by some of our compatriots with our nation-building efforts and thus posing a challenge to national unity and State stability,” she said.

During the meeting, Koome also presided over the swearing-in of members of the national task force on the improvement of the terms and conditions of service and other reforms for members of the National Police Service and Kenya Prisons Service.

She said the task force will serve to catalyse effective service delivery by these two institutions that are crucial for the enforcement of law and security within the country.

“You must always uphold the law, according to the oath. The pledge also demands that you serve this country to the best of your ability while keeping in mind the tremendous responsibility entrusted to you, she continued.

David Maraga, the Taskforce on Police Service and Prisons Service Reforms’s chairman, expressed confidence in his group’s ability to carry out its assignment.

“We have thought about the task at hand and what Kenyans want of us. In addition to speaking with the Kenyan people and pertinent stakeholders, we will interact with the National Police Service and the Kenya Prisons Service, the official said.

Maraga stated that his team will examine and include in their report the recommendations from earlier reform initiatives.

After the National Assembly approved the seven names on December 8, 2022, the CRA commissioners took their oaths.

Seven of them had testified before the House Committee on Finance and National Planning.

The seven include Wilfred Koitamet Olekina of the Minority Party in the House, George Jalang’o Midiwo, and Fatuma Gedi, a former Wajir Woman representative.

On the other hand, the Majority Party chose Hadija Nganyi Juma, Jonas Misto Vincent, Isabel Nyambura Waiyaki, and Benedict Muasya Mutiso.

On December 31, 2022, the tenure of the departing members came to an end.


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