Arrow Bwoy’s First Reunion With Son After Breaking up with Nadia Mukami

Arrow Boy has thrilled his lovely fans after sharing a photo that depicted him having fun with his son Haseeb Kai, whom he sired with Nadia Mukami.

This comes not long ago, since Nadia blew trumpets to the public announcing her break up with her fiance Arrow Bwoy. Less than one month ago, the mother of one issued a stunning warning to their fans, asking them to cease making any more bookings that intend to make the two get into contact.

On that day, singer Nadia Mukami seemingly breathed fire and brimstones, extending her anger to later stoping to follow and plucking off her baby daddy’s name from their son Haseeb Kai’s Instagram account bio.

Majority has since then knew that the duo are no longer an item, and share no more bed together.

Seeing a picture of Arrow Bwoy and Haseeb Kai happily enjoying each other’s company on some green grass on their compound, now leaves fans to think on where to join the dots.

However, it’s still unclear if the two are walking on the lane to rejoin the broken pieces of their marriage. This is due to the fact that Nadia sounded like she has not called it gone for good, as she openly said that Arrow Bwoy will forever remain to be Haseeb Kai’s dad despite the current situation.

This is attributed to her December, 2022 answer while asker if she would love to co-parent with Arrow Bwoy.

“Almost Fainted” “Sidhani tunaweza tukafika hapo. He’s my friend. Jana na leo amekuwa na mtoto. Kwasababu nimekuwa busy na anaelewa. Na hata yeye mwenyewe anaone niko busy. Hakuna hata issue ya kuco-parent. Ni baba mtoto. Hata asipo nitampelekea Kwa mlango ‘ndo huyu mtoto wako, mimi niko busy.” She said.


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