Stevo Simple Boy Reveals Why He Failed to Perform in Mombasa

Kenyan popular rapper going by the name Stevo Simple Boy, has coughed out the biggest reason why he could not perform on Wednesday in Mombasa, as had earlier been planned.

The 32-years old Simple Boy, however apologized to his fans for the inconveniences caused pouring mountain of blames on the event organizers, Sofire Fiesta, who he said really mistreated him.

While justifying to his fans concerning the hitches that perplexed the artist’s ‘Coastarian’ fan base, the ‘Mihadarati’ hit composer through his management MIB, said the organizers did not pay him for his service to perform, prior to the actual performance as the treaty stated.

“MIB management takes this initiative to publicly apologize to Stevo Simple Boy’s fans who showed up for the event that was dubbed Sofire Fiesta, Stevo Simple Boy could not perform yesterday night as earlier agreed because Sofire Ent refused to honor the agreement by paying the artist before he went on stage” he wrote.

He also revealed that the planners of the event, as if payment was not enough punishment for the artist, ensured they locked Stivo into some hotel not to even allow a fly to access to his room.

According to him, these are what disappointed him to the brim leaving him with no option except for refusing to finally deliver his serve for free.

He added, “for this reason, we did not see the need of having our artist on stage just to fulfill the organizer’s selfish needs.”

To his loyal fans countrywide, Simple Boy bountifully thanked everyone pledging to drop his last sweat next time to avoid such from repeating themselves


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