Justina Syokau Releases New Hit Hyping ‘Twendi Twendi Thilii’

Kenyan female gospel recording artist, Justina Syokau has released a brand new gospel track ‘Twendi Twendi Thilii’ ahead of the looming new year, 2023.

The ‘girl child’ hitmaker, a song she released in 2021, has been known by a trademark of composing and producing tracks to welcome every new year.

This time in her new song, the Kamba singer opted to encourage fans and any other listener to her new song, to anticipate more expansions and breakthroughs throughout the next dozen of months.

The song is bountifully filled with immeasurable merry and good energy most especially displayed from by her dancers who nicely break dancing, making body moves as if they’re made of not bones but cartilages.

The audio-lyrics of the track was released on 27th November going onto a record of around 132,000 views.

The actual video lately released, starts by a display of a setting that looks administratively. The singer is then seen doing some presentation on a Diverse business topics on profits, expansion, fruitfulness, and turnover; which hints on the prophecy expected to be claimed by believers come next year.

In regards to this, we wish all our readers a happy and prosperous new year 2023.


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