Diamond’s Manager Drops Him for Harmonize

Following the disagreement between Diamond and his manager Sallam months ago, sources close to Konde Gang now reveal that Sallam will be officially unveiled as Harmonize’s new manager.

Sallam and WCB Wasafi have not lately been spot to work closely as it used to be, something that raises eyebrows to fans. It was keenly noted during the launch of Mbosso, when Sallam’s appearance went on the hiding, something that has never happened for a couple of times.

Perhaps he was never given the invitation or sometimes he failed to check on his diary, so he did miss to show up, who knows?

However, the answer to the endless strings of questions was found when the Konde Gang CEO and Mr Sallam were spotted together at Moon Party at Kendwa Rocks Zanzibar where he was set to entertain the fan base. This comes with more bags of surprises bearing in mind that Harmonize and Sallam, have missed being on good terms and have never shared a lunch together to talk business since the day Harmonize vacated Diamond’s team.

Consequently, Sallam and Harmonize have been on a longer cold war, throwing shade at each other over social media.

But it’s now as clear as crystals that the duo are set to pull up the strings together henceforth. This is backed up by the statement Harmonize made to the public after their meeting, thanking Sallam saying he got “special love for him.”

On social media, Harmonize has said he will be announcing his manager soon during his upcoming show dubbed Harmonight. This is speeded by the huge gap left by Harmonize’s ex girlfriend Frida Kajala who used to warm the seats of the Manager’s desk at Konde Gang before they broke up

He wrote, “My new manager 2.m table reserved in 25th December. It will be a night to remember.”


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