A Mzungu Man Dumbed by Kenyan Tiktoker Even after Selling All his Belongings to Relocate to Kenya

Ciru Njuguna’s Mzungu Husband Greg Twiss has brought into public the sad story of how their 10-years perfect marriage ended in premium tears. The two broke up despite having twin boys together.

Greg Twiss, the German ex-husband to tiktoker Ciru Njuguna officially known as Mary Wanjiru, found true love in the Kenyan lady and could go extra mile just for her. This made him take the most difficult decision of selling all his belongings in Germany and leaving his people to come and settle In Kenya with her soulmate.

While speaking on his YouTube channel, Greg said he was ready to give his girlfriend the most comfortable and admirable life. This, he managed to do without any complication and he further went ahead to ask Ciru to quit her job where she was earning only Ksh 15,000 per month.

In the narration, Greg revealed her Kenyan only jewel even insisted that a dowry be paid to her parents, something he unwillingly did because he did not believe in it. That aside, he had to give in to Ciru’s demand to move into a new four bedroom house.

This however, looked pre-planned as the spacious new house not only provided comfortable accommodation to Ciru and her husband, but more spaces now accommodated Ciru’s family who moved into the house sooner as they relocated.

As though it wasn’t enough, Ciru’s brother was being paid good cash for tutoring the twins for 18 months, during the COVID-19 period.

Most critical part and the biggest mistake Greg regrets doing, was purchasing some important assets on Ciru’s name. That was on top of giving Ciru’s father money as salary, feeding and clothing her wife’s siblings, buying her wife a car, gifts and even paying fees for their siblings.

Greg said Ciru finally demanded some more cash and this time, he failed to give and this pushed his wife to accuse him for mistreatment.

She said she left because she felt I treated her below me and she wanted to control over our finances. She dumped me more or else like a banana peel” Greg said.

As for Ciru, they never had good development in their relationship and couldn’t stay any longer together. Everything had to end.


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