CJ Martha Koome Applauds The Admission Of More Female Lawyers.

Chief Justice Martha Koome has praised the entrance of more women to the legal profession.

She stated that the new development mirrored broader cultural developments that recognize women’s potential to rise to positions of leadership.

“These changes reflect comparable advances in the legal profession, where recent trends indicate more female lawyers being admitted to the bar,” said Koome.

She stated that the changing condition of affairs in Africa has an impact on the representation of women in the judiciary and other areas of leadership.

On Thursday, the CJ spoke at the 17th International Association of Women Judges Africa Region Conference in Kampala, Uganda.

During the celebration, Koome disclosed that there are 298 male magistrates as opposed to 295 female colleagues, and that there are 91 male and 81 female judges in Kenya’s judicial system.

Women intellectuals united at the Yoweri Museveni-hosted conference to promote free education since more girls would benefit from it.

The members of the International Association of Women Judges are a non-profit, non-governmental group that share a dedication to equal justice and the rule of law. They come from all levels of the judiciary worldwide.

In order to enhance human rights, eliminate gender bias from judicial institutions, and increase women’s access to the courts, among other objectives, the group seeks to construct judicial education programs.


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