“Am Approaching 5 Billion,Pesa Iko Hii Dunia”-KRG The Don Flaunts His Networth

Kenyan Musician and social influencer KRG the Don has Revealed that his Networth is Ksh 5 Billion.

Speaking during an interview with Dr. Ofweneke on Tv 47, the musician said his wealth has grown over the years.

He went on saying that he made his first million in 2008 when he was only17 years old.

When asked about his Networth,KRG the Don boldly said that he is nearly hitting Ksh.5 Billion.

“I am approaching 5 billion, pesa iko hii dunia.” He said.

KRG added that his fortune was not brought about by music and that he already had money he worked hard for even before penetrating the limelight.

According to KRG, he had the money way before he started doing music, labelling the value he gets from music as peanuts.

He asserted that a huge percentage of what he gets is made from his other businesses.

In a previous interview, years ago the musician had revealed he runs a chain of businesses including tour companies, construction, transport and many others.


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