“Nilimpa Sarah Roho Pesa Makaratasi”-Harmonize Shades Ex-wife Sarah In New Song

Harmonize and ex-wife Sarah Michelotti are having a divorce case.

Harmonize will be dropping his album dubbed ‘Made For Us’ this Friday 28th October ,2022.

The long awaited album will feature various artistes and different themes and topical issues will be covered.

The Konde Music Worldwide music boss has however shared a teaser of his second song in the album ‘My Way’.He narrates the shortcomings that brought about the misfortunes in his relationship with Sarah.

In his song, Harmonize refers to Sarah’s wealth as just ‘papers’ claiming he gave her true love but their paths just failed to connect.

“Nikasema Sarah roho pesa karatasi, si nikampa Sarah roho kulipiza kisasi. Niseme ni mambo ya ujana ama pengine nyota zilipishana kila siku tukawa tunagombana.”The lyrics read.

(And I said Sarah love money is just papers and so i gave her my heart to revenge or maybe it was just a youthful issue and we kept arguing over and over)

Harmonize is currently dating Fridah Kajala after his break-up with Sarah with whom their marriage did not last for long.

Sarah Michelotti filed for divorce and in their divorce settlement, she is demanding one of the two Range Rovers owned by Harmonize,part of the shares of the Konde Music Worldwide music label, which she alleges she helped Harmonize set up.

Before tying the knot,Sarah and Harmonize were together for four years,a period that Sarah is said to have greatly been of support to Harmonize to an extent of buying him a home and funding his lifestyle.


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