Garissa Town MP Aden Duale Resigns.

Aden Duale, a nominee for the defense cabinet, has formally resigned from his position as Garissa Township’s member of parliament.

On October 26, the Cabinet nominee gave a speech to Parliament and urged members to remain loyal to the people who elected them.

“When you won the election, you struck a deal with your constituents. Serve your people and remain focused. Do not be deceived by the city’s lights and money. You were chosen to tackle problems, so don’t forsake your people or turn off your phones, Duale urged the MPs.

Just a few hours had passed since the National Assembly had accepted all 23 of President Ruto’s cabinet nominees.

He cautioned the lawmakers to exercise caution when enacting laws.

Duale acknowledged that during his two stints in office, he passed laws inadvertently harming the nation’s independent institutions.

“Let’s maintain the autonomy of our autonomous institutions. Avoid passing laws that will restrict these institutions “said said.

“I once foolishly did it, but I’ve since learned how expensive it is to the people of this country and even to parliament,” the speaker said.

He requested that the laws be reviewed and rewritten “in the spirit of the Constitution” by House Speaker Moses Wetangula and the lawmakers.

The candidate also encouraged lawmakers to defend the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), pointing out how the initiative has transformed lives.

The House approved 22 Cabinet Secretaries on Wednesday morning, including the previous Majority Leader.


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