Akothee Says Her Sister Is Jealous Of Her Success

Akothee has taken to her Instagram revealing that she does not have a relationship with her younger sister.

The Kenyan musician and entrepreneur said that her younger sister Elseba Awuor Kokeyo also known as Cebbie Koks is jealous of her and that has played the biggest role in establishing an anamicable relationship between them.

Speaking in a video that she shared on Social media, Akothee narrated how her sister has turned her family against her and almost no member of her family now recognizes her efforts and kindness to the family.

“Nothing like sibling rivalry, call it jealousy. There is no sibling rivalry if there is nothing to be inherited. Why would you be jealous of your sister or brother if you not fighting for something your father gave you.”Akothee said.

Akothee went on to dismiss any likelihood that she can compare herself with Cebbie saying that as the eldest daughter she has lifted her siblings and will never want to compete them.

“No elder sibling can support the younger ones and start competing with them, how can you compete with your own project? It’s like you are competing against yourself. There is nothing like siblings rivalry if you are not arguing over families inheritance. Call out JEALOUSLY,” Akothee asserted.

She sarcastically said that she had to postpone her wedding with her Mzungu boyfriend to 2023 since her family asked her not to overshadow her sister’s wedding which is on December 2022.


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