Juliani Discloses He Was Celibate When He Met Lilian

Juliani has claimed he was single and celibate when he met Lilian Ng’ang’a at a friend’s party.He said that 37- year old Lilian was also single when they met.

He has however denied allegations of him stealing the Alfred Mutua’s ex lover, saying they were both single when they met. Speaking in an interview with Hot 95, Juliani disputed claims that he had snatched Lillian from Alfred Mutua.

“You can’t steal someone’s lover. It doesn’t happen like that. People like such kind of allegations, and they will say anything to push the lies, but that’s not how things went down,” he said

The father of two said he had quit dating and was focusing on his spiritual journey, but after meeting Lilian , things changed and that his life has taken a different pattern that’s quite fulfilling.

The couple welcomed their first child two months ago and celebrated their first dating anniversary recently.


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