Freelance Photographers And Filmmakers Saved From Business Permit Fees

Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja has exempted Freelance photographers and filmmakers operating within Nairobi County from paying for their business permits.

Sakaja said last week on Thursday that the law requiring Filmmakers and photographers to pay business permit will limit creatives minds from exploring their creativity therefore inhibiting Nairobi’s Creative Industry.He added that he will direct the amendment of those “archaic” laws which he said will help stop harassments from city officials.

“When we say we want to be pro-business it is not just passive to stop harassment of traders but we want to be proactive to facilitate and promote. There are many archaic laws including those that hamper creativity and innovation and we are going to weed those out. Businesspeople should spend more time doing business and not chasing compliance issues,” he said .

In support of Sakaja’s statement, Nairobi County Executive Committee Member for Finance and Economic Planning, Lawrence Wambua, in a memo to his Trade and Industrialisation counterpart directed that the photographers and filmmakers be granted a waiver.

“In exercise of the power given under the PFM Act 2012, Section 159 and the Nairobi City Council Tax Waivers Administration Act, 2013 Section 5 (2)(C), approval is hereby given that Freelance photographers and Freelance filmmakers are given waiver/exemption from payment of Single Business Permit as charged under the Nairobi City County Trade Licensing Act, 2019,” read the memo dated September 23.

Photographers and videographers, have over the time been struggling with time consuming compliance issues for them to shoot in Nairobi city.They are required to have a permit from Filming Services Department,a letter from police and a fee of Ksh. 5000 for a day.


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