Ethiopia Rejects The United Nations Report On Tigray Atrocities.

The Ethiopian government has dismissed a UN commission report, calling it “incomplete, incoherent, and unsubstantiated” and meant to demonize Ethiopia.

The UN-backed commission emphasized on Tuesday what it called credible evidence of large-scale killings perpetrated by Ethiopia’s national defense force.

“The government regrets the hurried, substandard, and agenda-driven manner in which the [International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia] chose to discharge its responsibility.”

The study was described as “an obviously political statement released under the cover of an inquiry report,” it was stated.

The government defended itself by claiming that it had prosecuted those responsible for violations of human rights.

As the battle in Tigray’s northern area rages, both the federal government and the rebel Tigray forces have accused one another of violating human rights.


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