EU: Drone Attacks Put Ethiopia’s “Fragile Hope” At Risk

Drone attacks in a significant Tigray city, in northern Ethiopia, have been cited by the European Union as endangering “a very fragile hope” for peace.

The People’s Liberation Front of Tigray accused the Ethiopian government of being behind the assault.

Drone attacks on Wednesday resulted in at least 10 fatalities and 18 injuries, according to medical professionals in Mekelle.

The EU urged the parties to the conflict to find a permanent ceasefire through negotiation as soon as possible.

However, it added that Eritrea, Ethiopia’s neighbor to the north, continues to obstruct peace efforts.

Eritrea is allegedly accused by Tigrayan forces of aiding Ethiopian government forces in recent battles.

Despite his fighters’ victories on the battlefield on numerous other fronts, a leading Tigrayan general claimed that Eritrean as well as Ethiopian soldiers had taken control of a Tigrayan border town.

Neither the governments of Ethiopia nor Eritrea have responded to the allegations. The delivery of products into the region has now been suspended as a result of the renewed fighting, which has already hampered humanitarian efforts to assist civilians in Tigray, where millions of people are in urgent need of assistance.


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