Star Chebet Opens Up About Spiritual Struggles and Wrong Friends

In a series of emotional social media posts, popular comedian Chebet has opened up about her recent struggles and issued a heartfelt apology. The comedian revealed that she had fallen in with the wrong crowd after making new friends and inadvertently got involved in activities she didn’t expect.

“Hey guys, it has been a while since I posted here, but life has been moving too fast,” Chebet wrote. “I don’t know if I’ll be okay by the end of the day, but I got myself into something I can’t really reverse. Life is spiritual, and I think I tapped into the wrong realms in my search for peace of mind and ended up connecting with the wrong energies.”

Chebet expressed deep remorse for any harm she may have caused and extended her apologies to those affected. “For those I have wronged along the way, I am very sorry. To those who have supported me, thank you very much.”

In her posts, Chebet mentioned specific friends from TikTok, including @muyu_the_intuitive_empath, @Doshi, and Cate Waumoja, asking for their understanding and forgiveness.

The actress also shared that she was traveling to Nakuru and requested prayers from her followers. She mentioned a troubling incident in Kericho, where she believed she had opened a portal and come into conflict with some spirits, which has left her shaken.

Chebet’s candid revelations have sparked concern among her fans, who have expressed their support and wished her well during this challenging time.


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