“He Rests In His Happy Place,” Cheruiyot Kirui’s Family Make A Tough Decision On Their Kin’s Burial

The family of the late mountaineer Cheruiyot Kirui, has revealed the next course of action in regard to the burial of their kin. The family decided to forgo trying to extricate Kirui’s body from Mount Everest, describing the decision as “difficult.”

In a statement released on Wednesday through James Muhia, Kirui’s family stated that they had numerous consultations and carefully considered the situation at hand. The family decided to leave Kirui’s body to rest in the crevasse in which he fell. Their decision was based on the realization that sending a rescue team up the mountain in a precarious situation to retrieve the climber’s body would be extremely dangerous.

Cheruiyot Kirui during Mt. Everest expedition. Credits: Muhia’s X.

Furthermore, the family reported that their son enjoyed exploring the mountains and that the mountains returned the favor. They therefore had no doubts that Kirui is soundly dozing off in his “happy place.”

“Cheruiyot fell into a crevasse 48 metres from the summit (8,848 metres) and retrieving his body from that high up would be risky for the rescue team; the family does not wish to endanger any life. Cheruiyot had a profound love for the mountains, and they loved him in return. We find solace in knowing he rests in his happy place,” the X statement read.

Kirui’s memorial service will be held in Nairobi as well as his home village, Chepterit, in Nandi County. However, the memorial dates will be communicated in due course.

Kirui who was an employee of the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), was found dead 48 metres from the summit of Mt. Everest on May 22. Although his Nepali Sherpa, Nawang Sherpa, has not yet been located, his remains are still being searched for.


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