Execution:Saudi Arabian Government Offers Stephen Munyakho A Second Chance

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs led by Principal Secretary Korir Singo’ei has announced the postponement of Stephen Munyakho’s execution. The Saudi Arabian based convict was scheduled to face the capital punishment on Wednesday, May 15, after he was found guilty of killing a Yemeni national in 2012.

On Monday, the PS revealed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs successfully negotiated with the Saudi Arabia government to give the convict an additional time for further negotiation between the parties involved. Sing’Oei claims that in order to decide on the next course of action, Kenya will consult with relevant parties in Riyadh and Nairobi, including religious authorities.

“As we devise strategies to bring this matter to a more acceptable conclusion, and thereby giving both families the closure they so urgently need and deserve, we shall continue to lean on the warm and solid friendship that we have with our Saudi partners, as well as on the goodwill of all Kenyans,” the PS stated.

Sing’Oei also conveyed his gratitude to the Saudi Arabian authorities for fulfilling Kenya’s request. He pointed out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ and Kenya’s mission in Riyadh’s actions were crucial in making the postponement possible.

Munyakho who has since changed his name to Abdulkareem, is the son of veteran journalist Dorothy Kweyu. The media personality has been pleading with the Kenyan government to intervene and save her son from the death penalty. Munyakho’s family is facing the threat of their son being executed unless they manage to gather a substantial sum of Sh. 150 million to compensate the Yemeni national family.


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