Jackie Matubia Reacts After Blessing Lung’aho Introduced New Catch

Former Zora actress Jackie Matubia has thrown shades at her ex-fiancè, actor Blessing Lung’aho after introducing his new lover, Irene Mulita.

A day after the actor paraded his new found love, Matubia has shared her glowing snap on Instagram with a caption suggestively directed to Lung’aho. In the caption, the mother of two indicated that she is unbothered by the ongoing noise. Lung’aho and his new catch have been the talk of the town and probably the sentiment was indirectly attacking them.

“Unfazed by the noise😊🤗,” Matubia wrote.

Credits: Matubia’s Instagram.

Recently, the actor publicized his relationship with the new beauty queen. In a viral video, the lovebirds demonstrated their undying love towards each other. The duo were spending quality time together at the Lake Elementaita Manor.

While donning matching swimming costumes, Mulita and Lung’aho shared a bed while chilling besides a swimming pool. The pair is clearly involved in a romantic relationship as Lung’aho kept on calling Mulita “babe”. He asked his fans to guess their location as he promised free tickets for a pool party to the right guesses.

“Salimiana babe…Niko wapi? Ule msee ata guess nampatia tickets ngapi? Waambie babe,” Lung’aho said.

The introduction comes in few weeks after Matubia publicized her relationship with Maurice Kivs. The actress requested her followers to suggest a suitable wedding date and venue for their grand wedding.

The former lovebirds parted ways last year after their relationship hit rock bottom. The pair shares a daughter to which it is not clear whether they are still co-parenting.


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